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Get to Know Me - Mz. Tené Lynn

From Ypsilanti to Atlanta, a little Indiana in between and now I am a Chicago-based lover of "all things that glitter". Driven, with a plan on making a name for myself on the Selfie scene alongside advocating for what's most important to me... 


So, now I give all of myself, my favorite things and most of all my love of self for you all to witness and take part. Each selfie brings something different, every time, whether it be one or thirty one... you should be able to double tap and say to yourself "she's bold, she's confident, she's sassy but most of all she shines." 

A smile goes a long way so I intend to take my self along with others, like you, to spread love, giving and  mental health awareness worldwide. "My goal is to not only pose, but to make a statement in each snap. Whether it be what's around my neck or what you see on my face. I want you to find inspiration in my selfie to join me in being comfy with sharing your authentic self." 

Join me and my #fineselfiecollection.
Let's show the world who we are!

~Your Selfie Connoisseur
Mz. Tené Lynn


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